Group Coaching on the Job

Group Coaching on the Job

VBLP’s "Group Coaching" is a consultancy approach which provides for a structured exchange between a small group of managers within a company – supported by an experienced coach who remains neutral while moderating and inspiring the dialogue.
The meetings take place among groups of up to five participants from different areas of the company. They reflect on current issues, outline their own challenges and exchange their experiences. In the spirit of sharing best practice, they gather new food for thought and/or potential problem-solving solutions.

Moderated exchange of experiences within small groups

The open collegiate support available from within a small group, alongside the inspiration offered by the coach, broadens the perspective of each participant and facilitates targeted self-reflection. This exchange of experiences is particularly useful during times of change. With this kind of coaching, our consultants follow a systematic approach and look to create a problem-solving environment. They each have a broad background, highly relevant experience, have undergone carefully focused training, and bring well-founded methodological expertise. This kind of group coaching is highly customised – we meet the needs of the participants. Group coaching topics can include:

  • taking on a new (leadership) role.
  • change management – maintaining motivation, retaining high performers and providing reassurance
  • dealing with conflict (colleagues, team, supervisors)
  • integration of new staff or teams