Group Consultancy

Group Consultancy

With events such as restructuring and organisational change, as well as mergers, company sales, partial sales, etc., it always comes down to a staff reduction. At such times, showing respect for the employees affected and supporting their search for a new job or other prospects shows responsibility and does much to strengthen the corporate image.

Different kinds of group consultancy

We offer two different options: Personalised individual placement per employee, or consultancy via a transfer agency or transfer company:
If the company chooses the individual placement option, we support the provision of appropriate advice for the employees affected, from small-scale support right up to a full warranty programme. Our provision here is based on our consulting services "Prospects, Coaching, Newplacement, Executive Newplacement, Financial and Tax Consultancy and Orientation Sessions". Our approach goes far beyond mere consultancy services with regular reporting of the progress of consultancy per employee and possible help with the internal and external communication of success. In order to avoid generating any processing costs, our goal is not to commit our client to providing any resources during the implementation.

Consolidating topics via a transfer company

Alternatively, we recommend consolidating the topics of career change or reorientation so they can be handled by a transfer agency or a transfer company. In this case, the employees are either looked after by a transfer agency or taken on by a transfer company where they receive specific training. VITA Personaltransfer GmbH (Link:, a subsidiary of VBLP GmbH, specialises in providing consultancy services. And VITA Personaltransfer can also help companies to apply for possible funding from the Employment Agency – including short-time work benefits (KUG) – for both transfer agency and transfer company service options.
The essential difference with our "Newplacement" consultancy service is the time frame set by the Employment Agency. In group workshops, those affected will work on initial strategies and solutions before they are individually supported in subsequent personal consultations. Workshop topics focus on important, fundamental aspects of job applications: They involve the optimum preparation of contemporary application documents, the purposeful handling of modern application media and accessing networks, as well as the presentation of possible pathways into the job market.