Implementing Redundancy

Implementing Redundancy

The course of a conversation strongly influences its outcome. That’s why it is very important for difficult conversations, in particular redundancy talks, to adopt the correct procedures and conversational style. We offer VBLP’s "Conducting fair and professional redundancy talks" both as a company-specific workshop and as general training. It is aimed at managers, HR managers, personnel officers and HR business partners who face the challenge of having to hold difficult performance reviews or redundancy talks.

Professional handling of difficult conversations

The participants get a comprehensive insight into the topic with many hints and tips on how to lead difficult discussions, including dealing with the emotions and arguments presented by those affected. Practical exercises help the participants to develop a professional and respectful conversational style. In doing so, they also minimise high stress levels and potential emotional pressures.

Conduct separation talks respectfully

As a result, the participants are able to conduct successful redundancy talks in a fair, respectful and purposeful manner. The roles of managers and HR staff are clearly defined, alongside a list of "do’s and don’ts". Our consultants, who lead the workshop, are qualified coaches and trainers with many years’ experience of this topic.