Coaching for Managers
Personal consultancy

Coaching for Managers

Managers are essential multipliers in the company, yet their duties and responsibilities are often complex and unpredictable. How they act and face these daily challenges are key factors for business success, especially when change is involved. Personal coaching with a sparring partner is one important element which can more efficiently help to achieve specific corporate goals, despite their complexity.

Guarantee efficient change management

In management coaching, we attach importance to the development of problem-solving skills in the context of self-help as well as self-guidance and self-organisation. Important aspects here are dealing with conflicts from the perspective of change and personnel management. It is important to be able to manage critical situations successfully, for example, when supporting employees who resist or are unwilling to change. Other issues can include the optimal management of employees with development needs, or perhaps knowing how to motivate good employees to inspire them and encourage them to commit to the company. Approaches to specific situations are identified, modelled and assessed for their practical viability.

The outcome is a set of concrete action plans which boost the manager’s confidence in their own ability to cope and thus lead to greater workplace efficiency.