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Executive Newplacement

Increase your self-worth

Management at this level makes heavy demands on the individual, and redundancy often severely impacts one’s self-image. Accepting redundancy becomes much harder, self-esteem suffers, and it often takes longer to feel ready to respond to new options.
A top-management redundancy is particularly sensitive. So our tactful and ultra-professional support throughout the reorientation is especially important at this level. As a first step, we consider the reputation of the partners and their respective interests, as well as appropriate redundancy communications (internal and external). The market for attractive jobs is small in top management and often takes place via networks and personal contacts. Therefore, the challenge is to find the right positioning in the market in order to be noticed and appeal to the relevant networks. We see this as an essential support task.

An individual approach is vital

In addition, a proactive approach to the relevant networks is important, whether the goal is self-employment or a permanent position. Our consultants are familiar with these specific requirements, know the "rules of the game" and have the appropriate management experience.

Throughout the entire consultation period, the client receives personal support from an experienced senior executive consultant. In addition, a team of researchers, psychologists, coaches etc. are available to provide support along the pathway to a new orientation. With our Executive Newplacement offer, we focus on the client’s personal needs, be it in terms of the time frame, approach, focus of advice or availability. This also includes changing workplaces, extra consultants and customised solutions including further education and training, focus workshops, individual assessments and network discussions. The personal coach will discuss every step with the client as required, regarding themselves as a shrewd sparring partner to facilitate further career moves.

We create prospects and options - inverse headhunting.

Working in collaboration with the consultant, the client selects up to 150 target companies. Together, the appropriate hierarchies and functions are identified according to company size and target position (CEO, CIO, CFO, Supervisory Board, Advisory Board, GF, etc.). VBLP then researches the current contact persons and establishes a preferred contact option for each. Then a collaborative strategy is developed as to how these target persons should be contacted.

Our advice is unlimited and comes with a return guarantee. This means we support the client in the new role and coach him during the initial phase of working with the new company. Should it become apparent that the new role is not a success, individual advice will be resumed. The person concerned thus receives further reassurance. With our support, the goal is always to achieve a new role for the client which will bring sustainable, long-term success.