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M & A Consultancy

Your Career Goal: Self-Employment

The M & A advisory service is aimed at people who want to become self-employed with the focus on taking over or participating in an existing company. The options include, for example, a business succession, the acquisition of a company or an interest in a company, a management buy-out or buy-in (MBO/MBI) or a capital injection.
Our M & A consultancy provides holistic support from the conception and development of the proposal through to the takeover, plus subsequent support during the resumption of business activity. In the first phase, options, business models, framework conditions as well as timescales and financial expenses are analysed and discussed with you. Potential target industries and companies are identified, and the resultant opportunities and perceived risks are transparently listed so you can make an informed decision.

Intensive individual support – the initial concept to full implementation

VBLP will support you throughout the implementation phase. Guided by the initial analysis, we will search for potential target companies and contact them on your behalf. We will audit and assess the feasibility of what the sellers are offering. We then discuss the interim progress with you and also arrange for any further discussion which may be necessary. Following this, we support you during your initial and follow-up discussions with potential sellers, during the preparation of business plans and throughout the conduct of due diligence. We establish contacts with possible funding sources, e.g. banks and investors. We also have a network of experienced lawyers, accountants and notaries who could handle the operational implementation of your acquisition. Then, during the subsequent operational relaunch of your newly acquired company, we will be available as a strategic sparring partner and/or coach to ensure your continued success.

Our expertise is based on our extensive experience in the M & A sector, our post-acquisition support for entrepreneurs, as well as our own experience as corporate buyers. Our consultants themselves have also acquired and set up or developed companies and can, therefore, help with practical operational know-how.