Perspective Consultancy
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Perspective Consultancy


Long-term employees can be particularly sceptical about the prospect of change. This is due to a lack of job-market knowledge and experience. They are not well-placed to assess their job market prospects, and they are often unaware of the opportunities which may be available to them in the labour market. In addition, they may not have the know-how to undergo a modern application process.

Illustrating realistic prospects on the job market

Perspective consultancy gives each employee a realistic assessment of their opportunities based on their individual needs. Their profile is analysed in order to develop possible career alternatives. The consultancy illustrates different perspectives on the job market and thus helps the employee to think things through and make decisions about change.
This consultancy is designed to meet their individual needs. Our experience shows that eight to ten hours of consultancy can achieve progress. This offer is also available as a group consultation.