Business Start-Up Consultancy
Leaving your employer

Business Start-Up Consultancy

Self-employment can be an attractive alternative to a regular salaried position. However, such a decision should be carefully considered, because self-employment or a business start-up also carries risks and could result in personal insolvency. Professional advice on both a business and personal level will provide optimum support for a successful start-up.

We can support you right from the concept phase through to the successful implementation. In the initial stage, we help you to examine both the business model and its potential for success. Then we help you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment. Afterwards we will work with you to put the foundations of your new company concept in place. This involves the preparation of a business plan, a market analysis, a financial framework, a marketing and implementation plan, and a look at your personal work commitment. Following that, we support you with the development of possible networks and further ideas, and also monitor the success of your project development.

Self-employment requires careful consideration of all relevant issues

Most of our consultants have also made the transition to successful self-employment and can, therefore, help with practical experience. We can also offer experience of the M & A environment.

Our consultancy service includes the following elements:

  • A business model with an assessment of: the business idea and the viability of the model, the market and the competition, how well the business idea fits your personality and competencies
  • The financial aspects, including current income/ expenses/ liabilities, anticipated equity and loans required to launch the business, any possible changes in living standards which may result
  • Creating a business plan with P & L, marketing plans, production/ service plans, sales plans, personnel and admin requirements
  • Finding potential funding sources, e.g. KfW loan, start-up subsidy, etc.
  • Compliance with mandatory regulations when starting a business
  • Support during operational implementation as sparring partner, coach and possible network assistance