Executive Newplacement
Leaving your employer

Executive Newplacement

Increase your self-worth

A top-management redundancy is particularly sensitive. And at this level, many executives regard tactful and professional redundancy communications (internal and external) and goal-oriented support which includes due regard for an individual’s professional reputation as being particularly important.

Newplacement at executive level demands a personal approach and a sustained effort. This applies above all to any discreet positioning beyond the formal labour market, i.e. with headhunters, direct contacts at C-level, or via one's own network. Our consultants have extensive leadership experience and are therefore familiar with the rules of the game for top management. We attach great importance to the provision of personal advice, which is precisely tailored to your professional standing and life situation. This process is about more than just professional competence, it’s also about personality. Our consultants regard themselves as both a coach and a sparring partner, and they will always be flexible enough to accommodate your personal needs. We offer a special, tailor-made consultancy package and provide you with targeted contacts. For example, an ‘inverse headhunting’ approach can be adopted whereby we target selected people from target companies.

Trust plays an important role here, so we are happy to arrange a free, confidential and non-binding first meeting. We can work with you to define and create the ideal consultancy package for your needs.