Definition of Newplacement/ Outplacement


Definition of Newplacement/ Outplacement

Professional reorientation is termed a Newplacement or outplacement. The counselling service is aimed at companies that have to make employees redundant, or people who want to reorientate their career. Newplacement is regularly used by companies to offer employees subject to career reorientation professional help in finding a new role, or identifying a possible path to self-employment. Such companies demonstrate their own social awareness, because they accept they have a responsibility towards those affected by a redundancy decision. During the severance process, professional Newplacement or outplacement consultancy becomes an important part of the termination agreement. Newplacement consultancy is thus an essential tool in the context of modern personnel changes. It gives an employee a fresh long-term career perspective and expedites the search for a rewarding new job.

From the application strategy to the job interview

Alternatively, people who want to reorient themselves professionally can use our consultancy service to promptly and professionally locate their new target position in an extremely complex job-application market which is rarely transparent– which can also include self-employment. As a professional provider, we support our clients until the conclusion of their new contract or start-up agreement.

A professional Newplacement consultancy covers all aspects of career reorientation:
Creating an application strategy and help with the associated application paperwork, considering online job market options, and timing your approach to the market. This also includes support such as the collaborative writing of personal cover letters and coaching and rehearsal for specific job interviews.

Newplacement consultancy includes five critical aspects

This individual and personalised support throughout the practical application process, especially the personal consultancy focus on job-market support, increases the chance of a successful application many times over.

  • Potential analysis: The client’s professional and personal situation is assessed. Promising perspectives for professional reorientation are collaboratively defined.
  • Qualification structure: Individual strengths which should be taken into account are determined via a self-marketing process. Possible weaknesses are identified, and minimised – or converted into strengths. Our Newplacement consultant will create a qualification profile, identify any training needs and jointly develop targeted solutions. We also work with clients to develop a career story which will attract interest in the job market.
  • Application strategy: Working with the client, Newplacement consultants will design a personalised application strategy which takes into account possible role changes, a move to a new industry or a regional relocation.
  • Market entry/ application phase: This includes the appraisal of job offers, the implementation of networks, the recommendations of recruitment consultants and headhunters, subject to the client’s role and industry. Recommendations for action are discussed, such as how contact persons should be optimally approached. This also includes the completion of application documents (CV including photo, references and testimonials) plus a cover letter. Job application training for an effective self-presentation during a job interview completes the portfolio. In particular, this gives employees whose active application phase will take some time the necessary confidence when dealing with recruitment procedures and interviews. Our consultants do not just impart knowledge: they provide support, they act as sparring partners, and they actively seek new openings for their clients.
  • Conclusion of contract: Our Newplacement consultancy does not end with the promise of employment. We also support you through contract negotiations, and as a further important component, we can also offer coaching during the induction phase of your new job (onboarding coaching).

Why Newplacement?

In times of constantly changing markets, companies are perpetually confronted with new challenges. So in order to remain competitive, they must constantly adapt or realign their organisations. This can lead to restructuring, and as well as adopting rationalisation measures, companies may have to consider redundancies. In such circumstances, many companies attach great importance to the fair management of redundancies, both to maintain the company’s productivity and to retain the remaining employees. By engaging in Newplacement consultancy, they show their appreciation for the employees affected and demonstrate their responsibility towards them. Newplacement is often an important building block to persuade employees to agree to a proposed redundancy. The employees concerned receive the active support they need from VBLP to find a new job through a neutral and professional service provider. This enables employees to return to work faster, and the transparent and equitable treatment of personnel creates a positive corporate image. Thus the use of a professional Newplacement consultancy has valuable benefits for those affected, and for the company.