Claus-Jürgen Wais
Claus-Jürgen Wais, Senior Consultant

Claus-Jürgen Wais

Claus-Jürgen Wais has gained many years of management and consulting experience from various management and specialist functions in an international group environment as well as from several board functions, amongst others in the Arbeitgeberverband (employers' association) and in the German pension insurance. He is an expert especially in designing and implementing extensive transformation processes including the required change management, staff restructuring, skills development and in particular in individual advice on professional reorientation. It is here, where he is able to rely on a strong and extended professional network of contacts.

Open, appreciative and honest communication always forms the basis for good and successful cooperation for Claus-Jürgen Wais. He has a high affinity and broad experience of current change processes in the employment world and has particular industry experience in plant engineering, drive and automation technology and in the product and system b

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