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Globalization and digitization have a major impact on staffing requirements and the demands placed on company employees.
On the one hand, skilled workers are urgently needed, on the other hand, excess capacities may have to be reduced. But is this approach still timely?

Separation talks

Tremendous emotions among the employees concerned - existential fear, disappointment and resentment towards the employer, self-doubt, feeling powerless and the big question - what will become of me?

Stress ensues on the employer side and also on the manager, as no-one likes to convey bad news. Separation talks and break-ups are the dark side of a company. Therefore, especially in these situations, distinctive professionalism and solid preparation are required.

Outplacement / new-placement

This offer is especially devised for professionals and managers. As their requirements have shown to be very variable, our advice is based on the personal situation of the client and the aspired position. Regarding this we have a proven consultancy process which we individually adapt to the needs of each and every client.

VBLP Transfer

VBLP Transfer is a solution for companies which are having to let go of employees. We bring the affected people back into life and arrange new jobs for them. In transfer-agencies and -companies, we take care of each client extensively and intensively. The success of our clients is the benchmark for the quality of our work.

In case of restructuring processes, we are able to offer our customers maximum expertise with a total of around 100 first-rate personnel consultants. Your employees can rely on our partners’ many years of experience in industry and in individual coaching and group outplacement. For this reason, we firstly tend to form a differentiated understanding of the situation before we take on individual support for employees with the help of transfer companies.

Guidance into retirement

The "guidance into retirement" is aimed at employees and managers who are taking retirement, early retirement or semi-retirement.

Extensive considerations will enable them to recognize the opportunities that lie in retirement and they will have a plan for future activities in the third life stage.

VBLP Digital

VBLP Digital is a unique, innovative digital outplacement or newplacement tool that professionally supports your employees in finding a new job.

Step by step, the online e-learning tool guides the employee pragmatically through all relevant topics of the application process. VBLP Digital incorporates the expert knowledge of over 10,000 newplacement consultations. Concise videos, editable documents and templates, as well as expert tips make it uncomplicated for your employee to create meaningful application documents, develop his or her own story, learn about all approaches and paths for the job search and prepare well-founded for any form of interview.

VBLP Digital is ideally supplemented with a few hours of face-to-face consulting to clarify individual questions. This combination of on- and offline is time- and cost-saving, efficient and goal-oriented: so your employee finds a new job promptly!

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