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Promising successful advice for Transfer- agencies (TA), Transfer-companies (TG) and the operationally independent unit (beE)

Every company and organization will experience changes accompanied by staff reductions. For these for employees’ difficult situations the Transfer-agency (TA) and Transfer-company (TG) or operationally independent unit (beE) model was developed.

Transfer agency (TG):

  • 110 SGB III enables companies, which are offering their employees support in form of “transfer procedures” in their search for a new job, to claim financial aid. The Agentur für Arbeit (employment agency) will contribute to the costs of consulting services / transfer procedures, with 50% and up to a maximum of € 2,500 of incurred consulting expenses. It is important that the service provider, e.g. VBLP Transfer, is certified according to AZAV.

    Transfer-company (TG)/ operationally independent unit (beE):
  • 111 SGB III offers employees the additional opportunity to move to an employment company, e.g. VBLP Transfer GmbH, for up to 12 months. This avoids a dismissal. On a voluntary basis and for a limited period of time the employees will move from the old employer to the transfer company / employment company, where professionals from VBLP Transfer will support them in their search for a new position. During this time, the Agentur für Arbeit will compensate for 60% / 67% of the employee's last net salary and will promote further training and qualifications.

VBLP Transfer is offering complete support for all participants. Beginning with the conception and making the arrangements with the employment agency, we offer advise throughout all phases of the separation process in order to develop a functional speedy solution. In a transfer company, we take care of all employees, continue to pay their salaries and provide targeted coaching on the way to a new employment position. Our consulting into a new assignment is centred around substantiated topics such as successful positioning, access to the hidden job market and networks. Thus, we ensure a seamless transition of employees into an adequate position. We work reputably, transparently and verifiably. Our success rates of more than 80% speak for themselves!

A comprehensive expert network forms the base for an individual consultancy close to the job market, structured training and qualifications. Regarding qualifications, VBLP Transfer is not tied to any educational institution, which enables us to react independently to the presenting market and employee requirements. As a valuable addition to personal advice, the platform VBLP Digital can be used uniformly for all employees. VBLP Digital is independent of time and location and contains compact expertise derived from more than 10,000 successful consultations.

We offer you

  • Comprehensive, individual and pragmatic solutions that will soon take your employees into a new assignment
  • Support for employees in their individual goal - new employment, self-employment, further training / qualification, time-out, or transition to retirement
  • Complete assistance as a partner for all involved, especially employees, employers, works council, Agentur für Arbeit and if required further stakeholders.
  • To prepare all administrative processes, procedures and applications, ensure that deadlines and formalities are adhered to, and thus ensure financing of the measure.

Your benefit

  • In challenging times, we offer successful, professional and timely help for employees - over 80% of our clients secure a new assignment within 6 months
  • Little effort and therefore little resource commitment on the employer’s side combined with a timely start, as well as pragmatic and targeted AZAV certified processes
  • Throughout the consultation period employees remain in company employment within the transfer agency and may, if required, still be actively working
  • In the transfer company, the employee changes voluntarily to our transfer company VBLP Transfer GmbH via a three-way contract for a predetermined period of time. VBLP Transfer is the "employer" and takes over all of the old employer’s duties, including the payment of remanence costs – transfer-short-time work allowance, employer’s compensation payments - support in the search for a new job, qualification, etc.

Unique selling points VBLP Transfer

  • Individual solutions according to your requirements and budget
  • Individual consultancy according to each employee’s specific requirements with the goal to swiftly find sustainably successful solutions – new job, self-employment, further qualification, bridging, retirement
  • Owing to our professional help, our consultant’s high level of commitment with plenty of ideas and a structured process, over 80% of our TA / TG / beE clients are back in a new job within 6 months
  • Extensive experience in working with employment agencies throughout Germany. This enables us to ensure a quick and lawful application for grants and their procurement as well as their prompt disbursement.
  • Little to no resource commitment for the customer, neither for the employer nor for the employee side
  • Compassion and personal support

we are there for you

We will gladly answer your questions by phone or are available for an initial, non-binding personal conversation.

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