The alternative to employment

There is always an alternative: those who lose their jobs, after many years of being employed, have the option to look for a new permanent position and at the same time check whether self-employment may be an alternative. Those who wish to start their own firm or take over a business for sale as its successor are definitely in good company. The current start-up report by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce confirms: Interest in self-employment is growing again, especially among women. However, since quite a few start-ups are in danger of failing, here are a few suggestions to make it easier to enter self-employment and continue it successfully:
-The founding idea must be original and perfectly thought through, the founder should have as much knowledge as possible of the market he wants to penetrate and have experience working in it, and at its best even be well networked in it: especially concerning potential business partners and customers.
-In the beginning, it is vital to develop a business plan. It should offer a detailed description of the idea, the founder's competency, the market strategy, the competitive environment, the financial situation and the expected economic development. When drawing up the business plan, always seek impartial and professional advice.
-For securing finance, it is essential to check not only your own funds but also subsidies and bank loans. The following applies here: The better the business plan, the easier the negotiations with banks, development banks and other investors. Experience shows that many founders underestimate the necessary amount of required financing.
- No matter how successful the new enterprise it is vital to continuously review the finances and strategies, especially in marketing and sales, as well as the cooperation with possible business partners, and adapt them to the respective requirements.
-Last but not least, it would be good for founders to verify that they are in possession of the "entrepreneurial gene". No matter how brilliant the idea, how secure the financing and how professional the realisation: Entrepreneurship is a unique way of life!

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