Networking – Make use of relationships

Nowadays, networking is often associated with internet-based social networks. However, a year ago, a study by the Munich-based Unternehmerkreis Informationstechnologie found that personal networking has not lost its significance. Therefore, even in the age of Facebook, meeting and exchanging ideas face-to-face in a sector-specific, cross-sector, specialist or position-oriented business network remains relevant. Regardless if networking takes place in a virtual - or a physical space, it always provides advantages: those who network strengthen existing contacts, meet potential new business partners, are able to benchmark themselves against other companies and learn from them. Likewise, those who want to advance their career will be well placed in networks, as these are often viewed as a career ladder. Networks should not be undervalued, the more so when there is the threat of a job loss. In many cases, connections made here facilitate people's re-entry into the world of work. However, it is important to note that network advantages are based on the trust the participants have in each other. Establishing this takes time and should be commenced in good time, i.e. not only in the event of a crisis.

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