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Are you of advanced age? Instead of taking early retirement, would you like to take on new challenges and start afresh? However, you are afraid that as a result of your age you no longer have a chance in the employment market? Don’t put your trust into our support solely, but also trust yourself. Nowadays, older age is less than ever a reason for not re-orientating oneself professionally. As a result of a skilled workers shortage, companies have revised their personnel policies and are increasingly looking after their ageing employees:
Various measures are put into place to keep ageing employees physically and professionally fit.

Expertise and especially experience are valued and they try to preserve this know-how for the company: for example, young and older employees are joined up in learning tandems to transfer on-the-job know-how from old to young.
Post-retirement senior employees are often employed for projects or as consultants to avoid relinquishing their knowledge.
Conclusion: The current conditions are good. Even as a "best ager" you may think about a career change. Many companies are not only pleased about elder (experienced) employees staying on, but also about experienced and accomplished employees joining.

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