Resilience and flexibility for companies and employees

Psychology describes the ability to be resilient and mentally strong as "resilience". Resilience can be learned by people as well as institutions to enable them to react flexibly to changing situations.
The manual "Resilience Training" by Sylvia K. Wellensiek is designed to train resilience counsellors. It contains structured training levels for personal and organisational resilience and at the same time, it pursues targeted burnout prevention. The manual is supplemented with contributions by Erik Händeler, Susanne Leithoff, Dr. Rudolf Kast and Reinhard Feichter.
Part I Resilience - Resilience and flexibility in times of ongoing change
Part II The targeted development of personal resilience
Part III The comprehensive training for organisational resilience
Part IV The special position of the manager
Part V Interaction in the team and at the interfaces
Part VI Burnout prevention and health management
Part VII Executive responsibility
With profound background knowledge, many practical examples and numerous exercises Sylvia Kéré Wellensiek skilfully introduces the reader to the complex topic.
The handbook Resilience Training is aimed at consultants, coaches, recruitment consultants, managers, personnel developers, trainers and works councils.
Dipl.-Ing. interior design, trainer, therapist (physio- and psycho-therapy), coach, author, runs a training, consulting and education institute at Lake Starnberg. Main topics: personal and organisational resilience training, corporate culture, leadership, communication, life balance and personal excellence.
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Title: Handbuch Resilienz-Training - Widerstandskraft und Flexibilität für Unternehmen und Mitarbeiter
Published: by Beltz, 1st edition 2011

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