Leaving your employer



If you decide to follow a new professional career path, you have to become conversant with the many different ways of securing a new role: For example, applying online and via modern digital media, dealing with personnel consultants and headhunters as well as consulting networks. In addition, a professional reorientation is often also associated with strategic considerations. For example, the question of which sectors would be suitable for you and whether a change of region involving a relocation would be feasible. That all takes up time and energy, and since everyone’s personal needs are very different, our advice, based on our proven consultancy process, always takes account of your own personal situation and your preferred role. As a first step, we develop your individual motivators, assets and especially strength profiles. This information enables us to develop your own unique, proprietary brand, which reflects your personality and supports the effective representation of your own professional identity and distinctive attributes in the labour market.

Developing your brand leads to new career opportunities

Then we work together with you to find a new, professional position which meets your requirements. We take into account your qualifications, personality, personal development plans and the respective labour market context. The meaningful application documents which emerge via this process meet all the latest standards in terms of marketing strategy and therefore can be used for applications via both the open and informal job markets. We will also use our network of company HR executives and recruitment consultants across sectors and at all management levels to inform this process.
Our Newplacement consultancy offers an individual solution in terms of the duration, consultancy contenting content and scope of our support – in every case this will depend on your individual needs. Our advice guarantee covers for example an indefinite consultancy period until the repositioning process is complete, including onboarding-coaching (support in the new role) and a return guarantee, should the employment relationship unexpectedly end early.