Success in job interviews


Success in job interviews

"Just introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself." These words often precede an interview, and even if every candidate is mentally prepared, in practice, many still fail to do well.

Presenting yourself convincingly is often a very hard task, even for many who are otherwise talented specialists in their profession. Speaking openly about yourself can be difficult. In addition, it can often be difficult to judge what constitutes a healthy self-assessment. And here, it quickly becomes clear which candidates have the mindset the advertised profile demands. Do they offer honest and authentic insights? How self-critical and future-oriented is each applicant? The presentation also shows how well any candidate has prepared for the job interview. Do they tell a coherent story?

To be authentic and self-reflective in a job interview is key

It is also important to address your own strengths and weaknesses. Talk about these with your family and friends or former colleagues. This will enable you to clarify what others regard as your best qualities and what your weaknesses are. It’s always very important to be authentic. An HR-consultant will quickly notice whether you are building a façade, or whether you can speak about your own personal qualities, and also identify weaknesses in a self-reflective manner. To avoid clichés and identify with the most important attributes required for the position advertised is essential.